Srimathe Gopaladesika Mahadesikaya Nama:

Srimathe Raghuveera Mahadesikaya Nama:

Adiyen. With the divine grace and order of Srimad Rayapuram AndavanSri Raghuveera MahadesikanSri Thooppulmaal Sathsampradaya Sabha (STSS) is happy to share the first part of the series இராமபிரானைக் கற்போம் ( rAmapirAnaik karpOm ).

Articles in this series are reproduced from 
rAmapirAnaik karpOm books blessed by Srimad ParavAkkOttai Andavan, Sri Gopaladesika Mahadesikan and published by Srimad Andavan Poundarikapuram Swami Ashramam, Srirangam. Articles are inTamil

Thiruvallur Sri Raghava Nrusimhan Swamin

Thiruvallur Sri. Raghava Nrusimhan Swamin has put together this article in a nice document with whole hearted dedication and devotion. Adiyen’s heartfelt thanks to Swamin for this help.

Bhagavatas are requested to download the article from the following link.

இராமபிரானைக் கற்போம் ( irAmapirAnaik karpOm ) - Text:

இராமபிரானைக் கற்போம் ( irAmapirAnaik karpOm ) - Audio Book: